If you are a professor or associated with a DPT program 


  • You see a lack of education in your programs curriculum on¬†financial literacy for ¬†student debt¬†
  • You want to transform the financial futures of your PT students
  • You want to set your students up for success post-graduation

you are in the right place!

What does the research say?

It is vital we learn what the research says in order to provide the best interventions for our patients. I have summarized what some of the research says on student debt for DPTs. 

Show me the research

Looking for ways to support your PT students?

We offer customizable in-person or online education for your student cohort to tackle any gaps in curriculum on student loans, personal finance, and job offers.

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The premier online PT Student Debt course

Understanding Student Loans as a DPT

Taught in familiar PT terms

Specifically crafted to meet your PT students with their familiar terminology using the patient-client management model language 

Complements existing curriculum

Our course provides important knowledge on students loans to enhance the overall educational experience of your students

Emphasizes career readiness

The course emphasizes the importance of financial readiness related to student loans for optimal success in the professional world

We can't wait to contribute to the future financial success of your students. 

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specifically help your students. 

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