Hey, I'm Connor

After the DPT 


I'm a DPT with a passion for helping other DPTs with their student loans. I've personally consulted on over $20 million in student debt and I passed the Certified Student Loan Professional¬ģ Exam.

As a DPT, I love helping patients get back to normal naturally and avoid any surgeries they don't need. I did that for over 5 years in the outpatient orthopedic setting, but in 2023 I decided to pursue my passion of helping people handle their student loans full time. 

What started as a side hustle, turned into a business of helping others become free of this student debt burden they were allowing to drag them down and ruin their lives. 

 As much as I loved helping patients with their pain, I decided I wanted to help the DPTs who were experiencing a pain of their own. Their student debt.  

Now, instead of watching patients smile as they graduate on their last day of PT, I get to see the relief on clients' faces, or hear the excitement in their email, when they tell me that they have a plan for their student debt and they can move on with their life!  

If you are looking for someone who understands PT, and knows exactly what its like to live with student loans while working full time in the clinic then I'm your guy. 

However, if you are looking for another finance guy who only talks using confusing finance terms and numbers and doesn't understand the emotional impact of student loans and finances, then there are lots of them out there, but I'm not the one to help you.  

Now let's get personal...

Most importantly, I am married to an amazing wife (and DPT), Hannah. That's right dual DPT household here...and also dual DPT debt, yikes! Hannah is a pediatric PT and I was in adult outpatient so together we can treat the entire life spectrum! 

We have two young kids that are such a blessing and they are a blast to hang out with...even though they make us incredibly tired. Shout out to all parents everywhere who know the lack of sleep is real.

So yes, I'm a DPT and student loan consultant, but most importantly I'm a husband and Dad. 

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