Dr. Brittany H. PT, DPT

Lebanon Valley College '23

“Awesome course to take to teach students right out of college about student loans, and how to make it manageable paying them off! Definitely recommend if you don’t know the basics.”

Dr. Ryan O. PT, DPT

Andrews University '23

“I truly enjoyed the course, it’s a great intro to the world of student loans and finances specifically catered towards DPT students. I think every PT school should invest in this program for its students!”

Dr. Noah M. PT, DPT

Lebanon Valley College '23

“This course gave me great insight into loans, investment strategies, repayment plans, and much more. I feel more confident tackling my student loans after taking this course. The content provided was relevant and easy to follow.”

The #1 most asked question...

How much did the online course save you?

"Definitely at least in the tens of thousands.

Compared to just paying the standard 10 yr, which I don’t think would be financially realistic for me with all the loans. Now my loans will be more manageable, organized, and allow for more flexibility with money (and using the benefits the system has to offer with the payment plans).”

 Dr. Carolina M. PT, DPT

University of Pittsburgh ‘23


“This course was so helpful to learning the big details and small details of student loans! I feel much more confident in being aware of the different aspects of all of my loans, and where to go from here to pay the least amount of money in the long term!”

Dr. Pearl W. PT, DPT

Lebanon Valley College '22

“I loved this course! I have never fully understood my loans and I have always had my dad over my shoulder watching my loans accumulate and telling me what to do with my money for them, but now I feel like I can actually have a conversation about it and make the best decision with my own money!”

Dr. Amanda M. PT, DPT

Lebanon Valley College '22

 “I found it extremely helpful as I was searching for jobs and looking at salary and benefits packages. Before this course, I didn’t know how much I owed in student loans or how I was going to repay them. Thanks to everything in your lessons, I have chosen a repayment plan and love the ‘debt avalanche’ approach. This was far more helpful than the ‘counseling’ provided by my school in the closing semesters and I feel like I am well prepared to make educated financial decisions regarding my loans.”

Dr. Chris J. PT, DPT

Chatham University '22

“Overall, the course was SUPER helpful. Prior to the course, my loans were definitely a huge area of discomfort and stress because 1) it seems like such a huge amount and 2) I didn’t understand exactly how to go about repaying. The sad thing is, as you know, most schools do very little to educate the students about their debt and I know a lot of my DPT friends feel the same way. I really enjoyed the examples used and the powerpoint slides. It made everything very easy to understand and I feel like I have a better grasp on all of the terms and options. To be honest, after taking the course, I am planning on changing my plan for repayment once the interest freeze is up and I feel a lot more confident in my ability to pay it off.”

Dr. Emily S. PT, DPT

Widener University '21

“Before taking this course, I was confused and worried that I did not have the best plan for paying back my student debt. The information, real-life examples, and thorough explanations of the different strategies and payment plans has greatly improved my knowledge and understanding of how to best attack my student debt! I highly recommend this course to current DPT students and new grads alike. I wish I was offered this course before graduating with my DPT. Big thanks to Connor for the help!”

Dr. Ryan S. PT, DPT

Lebanon Valley College '21

Dr. Nick B. PT, DPT

Lebanon Valley College '23

“The course has taken me from having next to no understanding or confidence in discussing student loans or strategies for management of my student loans to feeling like I can teach friends/classmates an introduction to the options available to them. I really am much more confident in my ability to manage my student loans and set up my future family for success.”

Dr. Maddie D. PT, DPT

Lebanon Valley College '23

“Super helpful in super simple terms. I feel like I have a much better handle on my student loans after this course. Thank you Connor!”

Dr. Tianna Y. PT, DPT

Lebanon Valley College '22

“This course was really beneficial in helping understand the basics of student loans. Because we are not provided with these basics in school, the topic itself can be intimidating to even think about. Being able to have some background knowledge before graduating gives me a chance to think through my situation and reach out to a CPA to make the best choices for me and my future. Thanks to Connor for taking the time to share his knowledge!”


“As someone who was definitely a 10 on the scale of hating student debt, talking about student debt, and having anxiety about student debt… this course was a blessing. Instead of pointing out to me all that I was doing wrong, it guided me into what I could do better in a way that was easy to understand and encouraging. After finishing this course, I feel like I certainly have a better understanding about my student loans in general, and have a better idea on how to tackle them that is best for my financial success moving forward. I would recommend this course to anyone coming out of a healthcare centered education in order to fully understand the gravity of your student loans, and how to manage them in a way that is best for you and your future.”

Margaux L. PTA

Central Penn College '20